Tuesday, September 2, 2014

As shallow and fucked up as this might seem, I'm actually terribly excited for the first time that I'm fucking UP! Does that make sense? He is out of my league...and I get to make him cum! Why does that feel so exciting? I mean, a guy will come if he pumps enough. It's probably not me...but I still like the thought that I could be that exciting in bed! :D

I think he likes it that I'm shy and wanton at the same time. I'm a teensy bit cheesed off that he wants me to be demure (Sigh! Indian guys, I tell you!). Shouldn't I get to decide how I feel? But oh well....this is the first TOTAL stranger I'm fucking...met him ONLY for sex. I'm just surprised it doesn't feel as weird or awkward as I thought it would be. And for now, it's exciting that I'm the aggressor...at least on whatsapp.

The worry, however, is that I'm mighty curious about him as a person...and that won't do. This is supposed to be a strictly sex-only thing. I keep reminding myself that he's an asshole...but...oh what the hell!...he isn't THAT much of an asshole. Just an average guy...who is easy on the eyes. Cute-ass TUSH! :D :D And long long legs....naaaice!

And turns out, I'm a bit of a racist. I've always known I liked South Indian guys....preferred my men on the darker side. This one's fair. Curd rice guy. And he's got hazel eyes. I KNOW that's supposed to be hot...but I'm still ambivalent...can't decide if I'm excited or not about it. Damn...but I LOVE it that he looks into my eyes while kissing. And such sooooooooft lips....yuummm!

But alas...all this...and the orgasm still remains elusive! ~sigh~