Saturday, March 26, 2011

A G-Spot? Where is that now?

I don't even know why I did not look up what a G-spot is till now. Perhaps, I (we?) take our bodies for granted because, well, dang it, its right down there. And, I honestly don't know how I feel about my vagina. I haven't spoken about it for about 2/3rd of my life because my mother tongue doesn't have a word for it (See here). It was something never to be talked about. And then, once I moved out of home, we girls hardly talked about anything else. Boys, sex, and no-you-don't-get-pregnant-if-you-kiss. I suppose I was glad I knew more than the other girls and I could "educate" them about stuff actually works. Of course, the irony that they started using their parts right away while I"m still waiting doesn't escape me.

Turns out, I didn't really know much. A boy had to eventually tell me that there were three things down there. So much for my status as a "gyaan" giver! [Gyaan=knowledge.Used here as a euphemism.] And apparently, I'm still figuring out stuff...about body parts that may or may not exist which might or might not give me that ever-elusive orgasm. But I'm all for self-empowerment. So, ladies, I would really appreciate any gyaan you have for me. Are there other parts of me I don't know about?


  1. I must say I've been startled out of boredom by your post! Here I am at work, time just dragging... when I see this!

    Some people think the G-Spot is mythic. BUT, some people don't. I didn't think I had one until *cough* a few years ago. And girl, once you find it... thats gold.

    well *ahem* the location really varies... but in anatomy class what they said was suppose you put your finger in to explore. And you bend your finger (still inside) towards the front of your err, "hoohoo"? you just might find it. Which is why when you see some ahhhhhhh *coughadulttoyscough* they're curved that way.

    But you didn't hear nothing like this from me.

  2. I'm still gyaan less about the G spot and still dependent on my C spot only... But its amazing nevertheless...

  3. It's an interesting blog you have here :)

    Check out this book G-Spot by Dr. Beverly Whipple. It's not your everyday 'science' book. Explains many things - very educational.
    Whipple tries to stay clinical, but its about G-Spot !

  4. I don't have anything to educational to share on this topic....though that didn't stop me from enjoying the post a lot.... :)

  5. hey there....stopped by again to tell you that I've passed on an award to you back at my blod..please do accept it...:)

  6. I found your blog!!!! whoo!!

    And what a place it is ya. Really. fantastic only.

    As for G-spots, baby, the men in our country just don't have the patience to help us get there, we have no choice but help ourselves. At lweat that's what I've had to do until now... I am hoping it will change!

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! I think I enjoyed the comments as much as I did the post. Shruthi is right. This is why I don't go out with Indian men. Yuck! Too selfish. And it's true..once you find the g-spot you won't forget about it. EVER. I say do some exploration of your own. You won't be sorry you did. Trust me.

  8. I meant - new post please.
    Just clarifying.

  9. Yes, I can confirm the G spot exists and is ever so fantastic. If you want a guy to find it, you have to be comfortable enough with him to explain how, and he has to be patient enough to do what you say. I would suggest finding it on your own first. You'll know when you've found it. Oh. You will know....